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Help please. Which motor-home is the one?


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I am looking for a spacious 2 berth, with good kitchen worktop space (essential as we adore cooking) either with 2 seating areas or one seating area which is away from the cab area (eg rear U lounge).


I have fallen for the Elddis Aspire with upgraded chassis which is great in every respect, except the inability to carry any passengers. When visiting the Portuguese and Moroccan villages we go to, we will frequently be asked to ferry a couple of kids to the town. So we need to sleep 2 but transport more than this. As I will be on UK insurance, we have to secure our passengers even outside the UK.

So my questions (1) Is there ANY way of getting a couple of seat-belted seats into a van with none at the rear? Even temporarily? (2) Can you recommend for a suitable van model?

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