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Have to get this for the grandchildren


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One of the reviewers says:-


"The contrast between Mr. Mansbach's brutally honest and wonderfully lyrical prose and Mr. Cortes' beautifully genuine paintings creates another level of hilarity. Richard Cortes' artwork in these pages is so sincere and sublime that I truly believe a non-English reader who picked up this book would have no idea it was meant for adults.


I was ultimately astounded that Go the F**k to Sleep proved to be a near-cathartic experience for me. In the few weeks since I've read this book, I've found that putting my children to sleep isn't nearly as disheartening as the task had been before. Rather, when my son now asks me for a fifth stuffed animal and "Where mommy?" for the tenth time, a smile creeps onto my face just thinking of this book. This book has allowed me to not only laugh at my children's ingenuity and endurance at avoiding bedtime, but at my annoyance at the whole farce as well. "

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