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Fiat & Brake disintegration


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Just got van back from Fiat main dealer after being towed in after brakes jammed on, at M 25 slip road in Kent.

Seems the rear offside brake lining had parted company with the shoes and been wearing the associated other parts until the final jamming effect brought it all to a sudden halt.

The van was OK at Easter time (last used then ) but preparing for recent trip, the ABS & Anti-slip dash lights came on when driving from stor to home. Owners book said to take to Fiat dealer, which I was doing when the jam occurred on May bank holiday Monday !

Dealer found need to replace both sides rear brakes assemblies (mix of disc & drum for parking ) including bearings and ABS readers, disc/drum friction materials and shoes, pads and hubs.

Cost of £1464.

Fiat contacted for potential goodwill payment, as van was just 2 months out of warranty, and only 13,900 miles, with Fiat service history.


Fiats answer was, "sorry" nothing they could or would do about any contribution to the bill.

When I reminded them of low mileage, still got the sorry, warranty expired.

Suggested that if used commercially, the mileage may have been much higher and liabilty still their if within warranty period. Still sorry.




What a way to treat customers ? >:-)

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Brakes are normaly excluded from warenty, but in this case as shoe had detatched I would guess it should be covered, I think Brian may post regarding how your consumer rights may this operate beyond normal warenty period.

We had similier happen on the Vauxhall Astra, it was very obvious as brakes stank, had to stop at Cambridge and dowse wheel/hub with water it got so hot. RAC came removed wheel and drum cleaned out drum replaced and we carried on carefully, brakes got fixed next week for about £50

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Guest peter

If it was me i'd be talking to a solicitor, with a view of sending fiat a letter claiming recompense in the first instance. With a proviso that if it was not forthcoming I would take them to court for the brakes not being fit for purpose, regardless ot warranty being lapsed. Brakes should not dissenteggate within a few thousand miles or 2 yrs.


How can brake failure be excluded from a warranty? Normal wear and tear is excluded and is acceptable.


Fiat has a duty of care to ensure that the parts they use are fit for purpose and not suffer catastrophic failure.


As you say. what a way to treat a customer. Glad I've got rid of mine and got a mercedes instead.

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