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Thetford toilet piece, do you know what it is? Where it goes?


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Hi Everyone, not been on here for absolutely ages! its all changed, is it better??
My problem for all you campervan/motorhome veteran tinkerers, is this........
The handle for our Thetford toilet became loose due to a screw becoming undone that holds it in place. I re positioned the handle and replaced the screw and now the toilet operates as it did before. Problem is..... like most things I take to bits, I have ended up with a piece that was in the cassette bay having obviously fallen off, but have no idea what it is or where it goes, I assume it fits where the screw came loose but not sure, any ideas??
I will keep looking back here because now I have found the forum again, I can't resist seeing what you lot have been up to. Any help much appreciated as per usual.
Hopefully, two pictures will appear below??(yay, it worked)



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