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Mel B

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I should be grateful no-one said "Mel who?" .... (lol)


Bargains ... now that you mention it I got 2 new pairs of trousers in a charity shop for £7.50! :D Also found a car boot sale (more a table top sale with a load of tat but some odd bits worth looking at - got a nice white 12 piece dinner set (plates, side plates and bowls) for 2 euros, a Tefal 'red spot' frying pan for 2 euros, and a tent for 18 euros (hubby wanted that) - they don't have the type or number of car boot sales we do here so we're getting withdrawal symptoms! :$


We did have a nice time, weather could have been better but it could have been a lot worse - we did have hail one day though! 8-)


If anyone is going I would suggest NOT to go round the Ring of Kerry, there's not a lot to see now as the trees have blocked a lot of the sea views and the road is absolutely awful - the worse we found and that's saying something seeing as we virtually went round the whole of Ireland clockwise so covered a lot of miles. Dingle is much prettier, shorter, and the road is much, much better.



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We went to Ireland last year and did part of the Kerry round and as you say the roads are the worst ever, patches on patches on patches, never ending, agreed theres nothing special to see, just trees and the occasional sea view, its one of the must do Irish phrases 'been round the Ring of Kerry'. If you have a large van its best to find out which way the coaches travel first, especially on some narrow sections.


Your tour sounds similar to ours, all round. We stayed at Wesport for 10 days it was so nice. My disapointment was the Seafood Chowder, it varied from thick to thin depending on how many veg's were in the mix. Did you have additional taxes added on the bills?


Hubby in the 18 euro tent and you and the doggies in the van, possibly the best bargain, sounds a good idea, do you allow him in at night for warmth?



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Looks like you left a wind problem behind Mel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THE BRITISH government could massively subsidise the Irish wind energy industry under proposals to be considered in London today.


Britain believes the west coast and the seas around Ireland can provide it with a large amount of its renewable energy and could be willing to subsidise offshore wind farms there.


Industry groups here say such a move could be worth up to €1.6 billion a year to the Irish economy.


Full story:-




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flicka - 2011-06-20 10:34 PM


Welcome home Mel.

Sounds like the roads in Eire haven't improved even after all the EU money pumped in over the years.

Don't you mean tracks..The money from the EU was not for roads but MP's expenses.. :D

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