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Ramparts de Angouleme


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Afraid I can't offer any advice on aires etc We travel in from about an hour & half away. but, a brilliant day out. The town is usually full of static classics on display & the racing is always good & the noise adds to the atmosphere. You have to pay to get into the central part of the circuit to watch though.Well worth it.

The times we've been it's been very hot, so take a hat & a good supply of water. Food is available at not too exorbitant prices. Hope you enjoy.

We'll be there again.


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It looks as though there is no obvious camping in the town or suburbs and if that is the case then the aire at Nersac is likely to be full. Does anyone know whether additional parking is laid on and is it suitable for a 6 metre van?

Thanks for your help todate.

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We were recently in the area, and we were following a tour from the AA 25 Independent Car journeys in France, and we planned to start and finish it in Angouleme... We couldn't find an aire near by, and sort of skirted the edge, and decided we would do the city on our return. We had stopped at the end in Nersac aire (very nice, free elec (for 4 places only on back wall) and free overnight. We happened to arrive just after another motorhome. The owner of this brand new vehicle was himself a resident of Angouleme and he was on a try out to make sure everything, ing was OK, we asked about parking for the day with the mh and he just said, NOT RECOMMENDED, there is nowhere to park within the city, the best best, as already said was the bus from outside the aire (just up some steps and it is there).


We didn't in the end go, due to the weather suddenly turning really really heavy rain, and so we left before going in.



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There is an Aire at the following and I think that there is a bus service from there, elec also.


Plan d'eau de la Grande Prairie



Tél : 05 45 68 20 64


This is on the outskirts of Angouleme. You should be able to view it on Google Maps.


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Magic weekend.


Been three times. Circuit is in fortified hilltop town, all stone walls or armco. See http://www.circuit-des-remparts.com/Home-1.html


2004 commemorated the 1904 Paris to Madrid Race that was stopped by the French government owing to large loss of life amongst spectators. A lot of the cars involved were re-engined post WW1 with up to 15 litre aircraft engines. The sight of these chain driven rear wheel only braked cars being power slid around was amazing


Classes change every year. Couple of UK one make clubs usually invited, MG, Frazer Nash, Riley etc. Track licence restricted to pre mid 60s vehicles.


The only nearby site or aire has already been mentioned and is now closed. We have managed to park fairly close inside the town.


Since I went last I have heard rumours that there is parking for motorhomes reserved just inside the ramparts very close to the circuit but cannot confirm this.


By arriving very early in the morning I have managed to park just beneath the ramparts. On another visit I parked on the far side of the river and walked up the steep footpaths into the town.


If we go this year (still negotiating and subject to management review) I would arrive in the area on about the Wednesday to recce the area.



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robertandjean - 2011-06-22 11:44 PM


The aire refered to in the last post at St-Yreix-sous-Charente, which we have used in the past, is according to French web sites now closed. Understand that a camp site is to be opened instead but not sure when.


Sorry about that, we haven't been to the Aire for quite a while but next time we are in Angouleme we will go to have a look, we are only 30 miles away and go to Angouleme about once a month but not to camp.


With it being put on on a Sunday there is always parking at Castorama and the Auchan Shopping Centre, I am sure there will be buses on from there, there is also a Lidl further up from Castorama which is nearer to te Ramparts.



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Yes there will be parking for motorhomes inside but not many and normally for those  involved in the sport.  Shopping car parks are also used but you will need to be early as it fills up very quickly. Extra bus services from other towns will also operate as feeders into the town in the mornings and evenings,
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