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Free Sat Nav Software by Mapfactor

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If anyone is interested you can download a free version of Mapfactor PC Navigator software from the following address,


I have used this software since 2008 installed on a Dell Mini 10 NETBOOK alongside a usb sat receiver mounted on the dashboard. I have found it easy to use and very reliable and it comes with a complete set of maps covering all europe and much more,

It allows you plot a route by all the usual features you would expect and you can then view the entire route on your PC and if it is not to your requirements you can set waypoints and force it to suit your needs. It needs a little practice to get used to but if you take a PC away with you it is a fairly cheap way of obtaining satellite navigation , I purchased a usb sat receiver from E bay for £30 and has never let me down in 3 years.

Please note a tip from bitter experience , if you set a waypoint on the route you wish to take be sure to magnify the map and place the waypoint on the correct side of the road on a dual cariageway ie. North or South bound because if you miss a waypoint the navigator will turn you back until you pass it . If no waypoints are set and you miss a turn the software will automatically recalculaste a new route and get you back on course.

It might not be for everybody and I know Tom Tom is favoured by many but I have found it brilliant and used it all over Europe.

Hope someone finds it useful.

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