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Clip on Satellite Dish


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I know Aldi and I think Lidl have done satellite dish kits in a suitcase. I'm looking for a small dish say 40-45cm which has the capability of clipping on to a rear mounted cycle rack.


Not interested in complete kit with receiver, suitcase etc as I have everything else I need. I also know that such a small dish has limitations in poor weather and on Continental Europe, but we're not TV addicts.


Anybody any ideas?



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Guest pelmetman

We used our Aldi special for the first time down in the Loire and I managed to get 6 channels with channel 4 on :-S + more 4, more 4+1, and film 4 :-S ..........


Must confess not 100% sure what I was doing :D ............but hopefully with practice I will be able to pick up other stations............. but the purpose of my post is to say that the picture quality with our little dish was fine :D .......................I'd even say better than our digital at home *-)

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Another one along the lines of the Multimo, but generally a bit cheaper, is the 43cm Arcon Sweety.




I have one I picked up cheap; though the same unit, it is badged as a Thomson.


Admittedly they aren't cheap, but they are easy to transport, and along with the Multimo, these "prime focus" dishes are very easy to align, and "outperform" their size.


If you're looking for something cheaper, then you may have to go a bit bigger. Most domestic dishes are designed to be pole mount, and therefore could be attached to a bike rack. I'd be looking at something like a Triax TD54 (which, AFAIK comes with a folding arm which makes for easier transport) and can be had with an LNB for around £40.


Remember, however, that all these are designed to attach to a vertical pole. You may find that this might constrain how you park if you use the bike-rack.


The alternative is to go for the Multimo or Arcon, but with the suction base (about the same cost), which can be used on any decent flat surface (I've used a strategically placed storage box, but an upturned bucket would probably do). This has the advantage of being able to move the dish away from the 'van, in order to get clear line-of-sight with the satellite.





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