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Caravan Man Simon

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I know a little about caraanning these days, my last caravan holiday being around twenty years ago. However, I am currently running a Honda Jazz Automatic 1.4SE, with a maximum towing weight of 750Kilos.


My requirements for this are:

1) MUST have built-in shower and toilet as I will mostly use Caravan Club CLs and Camping and Caravanning Club Hideaways.

2) MUST have a decent kitchen as I am a keen cook with either a wok or a pressure cooker.

3) A choice of single beds or a double WOULD BE NICE rather than just having only the facility for making a double bed.


Having started caravanning with my late parents at the age of twelve, when they purchased a 1966 model Sprite Alpine with front corner toilet so that they could take me away from boarding school at Half-Term weekends - mother and father were music teachers and professors at the Royal Academy of Music - first towing with a Zephyr Six Mk3, then a Corsair 2000E and then with a succession of Volvos from a lovely Amazon Estate to a pair of 244s - during which we stayed at Lilly Lane Farm, Templecombe or in a firm in Bruton.


The Sprite was given to the camp site on which my late parents decided to keep it so that they would no longer be charged 'Garage Mort'. Of course, this was a French campsite and we had left it there for twenty odd years. I hear that it is still being used as accommodation for Dutch visiting staff.


What I really want to know is if anyone else is using a Honda Jazz 1.4SE Automatic for towing a caravan, and if so, could they tell me which caravan is going to be compatible with my car, AND compatible with staying on Certificated Locations and Hideaways, although I thought that some background of my camping and caravanning knowledge might help people to understand me better.,


Literally, I am asking anyone who could help me PLEASE to do so.HTTP://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/images/emoticons/icon_neutral.gif :-|

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With such a car you are going to be restricted - Not a crtisism - just a fact.


If you google caravans 750 k - you get a number of hits that should lead you to some idea of what is available. Such as:-




and this outlest that allows you to stipulate wieght in your search.




Hope this helps

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