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Who would you have?


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postnote - 2011-06-30 4:07 PM


donna miller - 2011-06-30 4:05 PM


PKC 8-)



Get on the naughty step NOW.


I would if you would move over Donna :D







Oh you are a naughty minx in your new guise!


I think you need a little corporal punishment.....

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oldlowie - 2011-07-01 10:43 AM


postnote - 2011-07-01 9:06 AM


Bit of a BOOB on PCK :D


Are you really dyslexic, matey? When you typed PCK, did you mean pkc?


You can get help from DNA, the National Association for Dyslexics (lol)


Sorry you’re KO it should have been PKC, maybe we could start a thread using only half the lettuce in the alphabet? :D :D

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nowtelse2do - 2011-06-30 9:45 AM


Two teacher's on the thread, shouldn't you be on the picket line's.


If you are struggling to come to term's with the fact that life is not perfect, I can give you an address in Switzerland which should ease your problem quite quickly.


Absolute quality Dave, quality :D :D :D


Martyn (only just picked up on this little gem)

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