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Bordatlas coordinates


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Have a bit of a problem.

If I load my sat nav with coordinates for an ACSI site, I have no problems.

If I look on Bordatlas, the website and enter say Trier, it will find me a stellplatz. Enter those coordinates on sat nav, no problem.

But if I enter the ones in the Bordatlas book, then I end up somewhere different. For example, there is one at Trier and I end up at the CZ border, the one at Cochem (Stadionstrasse) coordinates bordatlas 51N, whereas on Google Earth it is 50N?

Hope this makes sense, but I would be interested if anyone can enlighten me as to my error.

This will be the first year we have used Stellplatz, and a long time since we visited Germany, hence my need to get it right.

Thank you 8-)

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Sorry, just realised that the coordinates for each section in the bordatlas relate to the one below it, not the one above, I think. Well, I'm not thinking, been sitting out in the garden too long.

Just had a week off, now need another or none at all. *-)

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