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DVLA , Insurance notification


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I purchased a 1998 Transit Duetto from major dealer in Scotland 10 months ago. The salesman mentioned that it had been turbo charged at some time. On the back it says turbo-intercooled by TB of Lancaster. My local garage reckons that its a professional job. I think I informed my insurance company, will check. What about DVLA?



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You should inform the DVLA of any modifications made to a vehicle, however, I would suspect that a Transit registered and built in 1998 would have had a turbo engine anyway, but I stand to be corrected.

Maybe the turbo in question was just replaced by the company concerned.

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I had a non-turbo Transit turbocharged by TB Turbos.


It was a very professional job including a intercooler and all the correct pipework.


It took 2 days to install and was only fitted after they tested the engine's strength.


The difference was amazing.


The DVLA and the insurance company were very happy with the work.


Unfortunately they have ceased tradeing

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By way of additional information, TB Turbo were for a long time one of the main (if not the main) suppliers of aftermarket turbo conversions to normally aspirated engines.


They were widely used by motorhome owners, (they were, as far as I remember, also an accredited Fiat service agent, one of the few able to handle large motorhomes), and were generally well regarded.


I'm not surprised that the conversion was considered "a professional job".


Unfortunately, to fairly wide dismay in the motorhome community, they went into liquidation relatively recently (last couple of years or so, I think, though tempus fugit).


One of the staff (possibly from memory the foreman) is still running a maintenance unit in the same area (Lancaster), and could possibly provide information and support on the kit if you ever need it.


A bit of dilligent use of Google should turn up a contact.




...and it quickly did:



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ips - 2011-06-28 2:22 PM


I thought the same thing however a google search indicates that there was such a beast as a non turbo trannie in 1998....no wonder someone had a turbo fitted :-D


I've driven one an empty panel van, a painful experience, doesn't bear thinking about a Motorhome with that engine!

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