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2008 Compass Aventgarde 100 Payload


2008 Compass Aventgarde 100 Payload  

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I dont know if this is of help to anyone else with this model, but I recently had quite a shock when I checked the vin plate on my van. I have owned this van from new in december 08, and from the start some things seemed unusual, ie it had cruise control, a six speed gearbox (mercifully trouble free so far) both front seats fitted with swivels (although not much use on this layout of van), and best of all, the 120 bhp engine. all at no extra cost, but thats where I thought it ended.

However I must confess that I never checked the vin plate, or noticed the weight recorded on the log book! I knew the Compass Aventgarde 100 was built on the 3000kg chassis (Compass Explorer group data plate by hab door comfirms this), has a poor payload etc but at the price, we thought this was a good start in motorhomes.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the log book recently prior to a trip to Germany and found the weight recorded as 3500kg? I then looked at the vin plate under the bonnet and found the following data:-





It should read





looking around the rest of the van I then noticed the tyre size to be 225/75 R15C 112S which are only fitted to the largest 180 model in the range? My van should be fitted with the 215/70 R15C 109S.

On looking at the rear suspension after reading the July copy of MMM page 176 Interchange X250 Leaf Springs, I find that I have the twin heavy duty leaf springs fitted?

Totally confused, I sent an e-mail to Explorer (now Elddis), and last week received a reply that my van was 'one of a batch received from Peugeot with a higher spec than usual. A revised Compass data plate will be made up, and sent out in due course'

I know that my lack of attention to detail on what was recorded on the log book, what the data plate reads, could have gone horribly wrong for me, it is a lesson learned. As it stands, I have a considrably greater payload that I thought.

How many vans are out there, where the the data published by the converter does not match the data on the vin plate? are there other forum members with the same age Compass Aventgarde 100, who like me, do not know that they have a greater payload than they think.

Sorry for such a rambling first post, but I hope this information can be of use to other forum users, and perhaps get others to check their data plate (or am I the only one who never thought to physically look at it)




Ps Its my first post, but why does it show 'Poll' next to the thread?

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Welcome David:


....assuming you only paid the "standard" price for the 'van, you should consider yourself a very luck boy.


The only practical downside I can see is that replacement tyres might, at some time, cost a little more.


If it were me, I would consider notifying my insurance company of your findings - I would doubt it would raise much, if any, of an additional charge, but you would be well and truly covered in case of any mishap (and requirement for replacement parts).


On your final point, I suspect you clicked the "New Poll" buuton rather than "New Thread" when you posted - don't worry about it!

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Thanks Robinhood, thats very good advice about the insurance, I never thought about that. Will contact them in the next week. I did better than pay standard price, I suspect it was the time of year, recession etc, saved about £5k off list price.

Re the poll bit, will have to open my eyes next time .



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