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Who to get to rustproof?


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Got rust problems with the chassis extension on my 6 year old Hymer. This bit was just just painted metal, not galvanised. It's not serious yet but will be unless treated properly.


I've looked at various sites of firms who do treatment and it is impossible to find a consensus. There tends to be a greater desire than normal to slag off the competition. The Land Rover forums tend to have the most comments about having the work done but the owners seem to be either very satisfied or very dissatisfied with the process.


Has anyone had any recent experience of having their motorhome rust proofed when it is ageing? If os, please share.


I have managed to do some work myself but it's not easy and I will miss some bits simply because I cannot access them on my drive with my tools.

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Hello Brock, I had a similar decision to make, my Hymerchassis was mostly rust free but with some suface rust on various bits. I asked around locally but the prices quoted were a bit steep.


So I borrowed the use of a compressor,ramp, and purchased a Schutz applicator (Cheap) and 10 litres of black Waxoyl.


I pressure washed the underside and let it dry, any surface rust was wire brushed (Electric drill) and then I spent a day spraying the stuff into every orifice, nook and cranny.


I have to say it looks magnificent, just keep it off the brakes.


I can redo it each year and all it costs is the cost of the Waxoyl and a bottle for the loan of the compressor, it is messy so you need somewhere that can take a bit of wax spray to do it.


A face mask and boiler suit plus eyewear is a minimum.


You might find a local one man garage with a ramp that would be interested in hiring the ramp out, maybe on a Sunday or something.








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