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Awning Rail plastic infill


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Hi All --

Around the edges of the caravan in an aluminium extrusion that is also the awning rail. The screws that hold this are covered with a plastic infill.

I need to replace some of this infill - it has shrunk - and I need grey infill at 15mm wide when flat. I can only find a supply in white. Is anyone able to help me ?

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Try Towsure Sammy - they are pretty good. Ebay is a good source as well.


When I replaced the old cracked and split strip on my old Avondale years ago - I seem to remember going to a caravan place that had the stuff on reels and you just bought what length you wanted. That was years ago tho'.


My only thought would be - is white that bad? - makes it look brighter "newer"?


Also if you are replacing the cover strip do check the screws underneath that hold on the awning rail. Some manufactures did not use quality screws and they rust, expand and then open up a gap for water ingress. I am assuming if this plastic strip need replacing then the caravan is a few years old?


Suggest you replace ANY screws that show sign of rust with Stainless Steel ones. In fact I did the lot - including the window rails. Do not bother with aluminium screws as the quality varies and you will have problems with the ones that seem to be made by Cadburys. Stainless Steel is the only way to go. I think my Avondale had steel flat head screws - what a pain! - Replacing them with quality cross-head stainless ones was a real pleasure.


Why do manufactures penny pinch on such an important area? If yours are already stainless or alloy so much the better.


Always worth cleaning out the sealant as far as is possible on either side of the awning rail top and underneath then running a bead of flexible sealant along it. Keeps the water out and old sealant goes "dry and dusty" in contact with air and sunshine. If it is really bad you can take the awning rail right off, clean it up and put it back on - we did this when we realised there was great gobs of sealent in some places and as thin as a pencil lead in others!! - Took us a day to do each side - so two days in all and the satsfaction of knowing that no water was ever going to get in there!!


Whatever you do - do not use silicone sealant here as you need flexible sealant.


Hope this helps.


Sorry if I have gone over the top - but I have come across caravans where the the plastic awning rail cover going "off" is indicative of a bit more work being required. It is not a big job doing this and protects the caravan. Take photos of the work as it progresses and if and when you sell the caravan it will be a huge plus point that this work has been done.

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Thanks for your advice. I have now found what I wanted and done the job - tedious but not difficult.

All the screws were stainless ans set in with mastic. Yes the van is 7 years old and each year I treat the joints with Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure. This is a very low viscosity fluid that finds any leaks and then seals them. I've been using this for some 20 years and (touch wood) have never had any leak problems.

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Thanks sammy - I have not used that. - I have just worked the ordinary sealant into any areas i have not been happy with the in situ sealent - gently removing it and then re-sealing.


This "Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure" sounds good.


I shall look it up and get some.


Many thanks.

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