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VW Gatcombe 1999


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Gatcombe was usually sold with the overcab space dedicated to storage, with fixed cupboards to the front and sides. See image 8 on the following link:




However, there was a 2+2 sleeping option that had no fixed cupboards to the sides and used 4 extra cushions to allow an owner to convert the overcab area into a smallish secondary bed should he/she so wish.


If you use the following link:




and click on the 3rd image on the right of the webpage, you'll see the single large frontal door for access to the overcab space when it's being used for storage and the 4 extra 'bedding' cushions stacked with 2 cushions each side of the access door.


I think conversion from 'storage' to 'bed' involves moving the vertical bulkhead that carries the overcab access door so that the bulkhead becomes the floor of the bed on to which the 4 cushions are placed. If you open the access door and look at the back of the bulkhead, you'll probably see some sort of bolt arrangement that normally secures the bulkhead when it's in the vertical storage position.

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A follow-up...


I found a June 2000 MMM report on a Gatcombe that confirms that Mel B's suggestion is correct.


Although what I said was accurate - that there was an overcab bed option replacing the normal 3 lockers and (according to the MMM report) costing £115.74 - the extra cushions aren't involved in this.


As Mel said, the extra cushions are used to lengthen the side settees so that they can be used as twin lengthways single beds rather than a transverse double, and the 'spare' cushions will have been provided by Auto-Sleepers irrespective of whether or not the overcab area has lockers or the bed option.


MMM report says:


"For the singles, both cab seats come into play. First they need to be pushed to their furthest forward position and the backrests adjusted to fully upright. This just leaves space for the false backs to each seat to fold down flat. A couple of cushions apiece see both singles sorted."


Presumably, when the cab seats' false backs are folded down, they rest on some sort of ledge on the end of each settee.


(I tried to attach a scanned photo of the single-bed arrangement as shown in the MMM report, but without success. Anyway, once it's appreciated why the cab-seats have false backs, and that the extra cushions sit on these when the false backs have been folded down, a photo becomes a luxury.)



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