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Roller blinds


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Hi to all .

Have a problem with couple of roller blinds getting stuck in down position ,it would appear the white ends that catch in channel have worn and are loose ,can you buy these anywhere .Has there been an article in MMM about roller blinds and repair Also had to remove a couple of screw covers to undo screws ,only able to do this by making hole in cap and pulling it out can these be brought anywhere Beige colour .

Have looked at couple of websites for parts but they only seem to show the larger stuff .

Van is a 2004 Eldiss Sunseeker

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I vaguely recall the occasional piece in MMM regarding window-blind retensioning/repairing but nothing recent.


If your blinds are "Seitz"-branded, then you might try the following firms for advice and spares:






(Rather than drill a hole in the screw-cover, I've sometimes been able to remove them with a Stanley-knife-type blade, jamming the blade's point into the edge of the cover and then levering the thing out. Only likely to work if the cover hasn't been pushed in too far.)

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Go to Wilkinsons. They sell a spray, brand name 'W5'. It is silicon based and a couple of squirts at either end should cure the problem. Use the fine tube supplied with it to get right into the edges.


I do not think that Seitz windows are used on Elddis models but without knowing your year or model I could be wrong. It would be better if they are not Seitz as I have had difficulties replacing parts. Leisurespares are of limited help unless it is a popular size and even then you have to purchase a kit, not just the parts you need. It will cost me £63 because a small piece of plastic broke on my hab door blind. I am still waiting for the parts.


If you do need parts, an Elddis dealer might be of more help.

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