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oil leak


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Mr new


Hi all


As you can see I am Mr New on this forum and looking for a little advice on a annoying

oil seap, not a huge one but getting me down a little .

This is on my 1986 Talbot express petrol 1971 cc.

I had taken off the rocker cover to set my pappets and after refitting my rocker cover

the oil continualy seaps from the back of the cover. I have put a new rubber rocker

cover seel on and tightened the screws down about three times now and put some

different sealent on each time to no avail. Can some one tell me the secret of stopping

this oil seapage.

Thanks to any one that can help me.























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Ensure all mating surfaces are clean both rocker cover and head and use a new gasket ensuring it located correctly in the rocker cover, you do not want to over tighten the rocker cover as this can deform the gasket. Tighten down the rocker cover even @ 3.5 lb f ft /0.45 Kg f m
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