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Fiamma Awning Rain Guard on Ducato PVC


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Has anyone tried to fit the Fiamma lower awning rain guard to the F45S? Clip in a foot or so and the weight of the moulding takes the whole thing out of the retaining groove. I suspect that the plastic extrusion is undersized but I would like to make the seal fit as it is a very neat solution to filling the gap. I am seriously considering taking the awning off, inverting it on a bench and using contact adhesive to secure it!!! Or hammer and nails(?)


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Could you run a bead of sikaflex into the groove,prior to feeding the strip in?..and then hold it all in place with G-clamps and a softwood batten,until it "set"? (..probably a bit messy,so maybe taking it off would be an easy option in the long run).

Having said that,if it's supposed to be the correct item for the job(and therefore should fit), then I'd be checking back where you bought it from..


Not the same I know but we had a top strip on the Fiamma fitted to our previous van and one day I noticed that I was getting dripped on,when stepping out of the van?!..it was then that I noticed the complete strip had gone!

I can only assume that the wind got in it and wrenched it out(.. it always seemed secure enough when I was cleaning the van!?) :-S


The one possible problem I can see from fitting a strip on the underside though, is that it will form a nice little gulley, that may end up collecting leaves,pine needles,crud etc.. :-S

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I've had problems before with this type of strip, but fitted to coachbuilt flat sides, rather than a 'van.


I also found that the rubber used to degrade quite badly over time, attracting all sorts of muck etc.


It rather looks like the profile and fitting for the 'van puts a significant amount of levering force on the mounting end, so I wish you luck in getting it sorted.


If you can't get it to work, however, how about an alternative?


I fiited a Fiamma awning to my last 'van, a Rapido 'A' class. Because the Rapido has a "gutter" all the way round the wall/roof join, the awning has to be mounted somewhat "proud" of the wall to avoid it (indeed there are specific brackets for the Rapido).


This leaves a gap between the awning and the wall, and the particular construction and mounting means the rain guard strips will not work.


Fiamma thus supply, with the mounts, a length of self-adhesive closed-cell foam to fill the gap (it is stuck to the back of the awning before mounting in this case, such that it is compressed slightly in use).


The closed-cell foam can easily be bought by length (and section size), and is relatively cheap. I found the stuff I had stayed adhered with no problem for over 4 years after fitting the awning.


If there is an obvious surface to which it could be stuck, and be compressed to seal the gap, it might work for you.


BTW, for such items I use http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/c-132-sa-strip.aspx


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We have a fiamma F65 on our 57 plate fiat ducato pvc and it came with a thick foam strip which pushes into space between awning and van not had a problem with any drips.

Maybe fiamma sell the strip ? I would check in ther catalogue.

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I realise that this is an old(ish) thread but I just thought that I'd share something....


We don't have a rain guard strip on our van and as we were getting dripped on,when we stepped in and out of the van,I thought I'd seal the gap between the awning and van panel with a bead of mastic...


..however having run a full length bead,what happens now is that the rain is just fed inside the awning body...to then drip out,in our case,through the front,where it then either...


A) Drips onto the lower body surround..with an irritating...tap..tap..tap..tap...


B) Drips and fills up the lower runner of the O/S dinette window....




So..just try to bear in mind where the rain is going to end up... ;-)

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