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Getting wary


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Guest pelmetman

You carry on Malcolm:D.........Looking back at some of the most interesting threads on here have been started by you;-)

I am a firm believer in the banal:D...............As it does seem to upset the intelligentsia, and it gives them an excuse to show how superior they are by putting us in our place;-).........So we are providing a social service to them by giving them with the opportunity..................Its a bit like having a pet:D you have to look after them(lol)  
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Guest Tracker

As another expert in the banal - long may it thrive on here and hopefully spread elsewhere!


The world is so full of arrogant pompous bu@@ers who are so far up their own bums with tears in their eyes from the very painful sense of humour removal operation that a little bit on nonsensical nonsense does nobody any harm.


Anyone that does not like it does not have to look at the thread more than once and there is never any need start any rude or insulting comments - sarcastic, ironic, cheeky - yes of course - but downright offensive no!


The title of the next blockbuster film is.................................


Carry on Malcom!

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Collins English Dictionary:


"Chatter vb 1. To speak quickly and continuously about unimportant things, 4, idle talk or gossip"


"Chatterbox" n informal, a person who talks a great deal, usually about unimportant things".


So (within the bounds of public decency) it would appear by definition you can post what you like in this section Malcom and long may you do so!


Bob :-)

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