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transit towbar electrics

john y

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I want to fit a single electrics socket for a bike rack lighting board on my late 2007 transit panel van, can anyone tell me if i can use a universal type socket wired into the rear lamps?

Looking at the rear lamps they seem to be conventional wireing and no bulb failure warning is fitted.

The rear lamps are easy to access but any wireing looms would not be, dont want to dismantle my camper van !

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The Transit Mk7 uses CAN-BUS wiring, a fact that may or may not affect what you are considering doing.


I'd be tempted to ask for advice via the Ford Transit forum




(Isn't there tow-bar cabling + socket fitted beneath your van's floor-pan? If it turns out that patching into the rear-light clusters might cause problems, if you've got pre-fitted tow-bar wiring, using that to feed your bike-rack lighting-board might be a safer way to go.)

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