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Breakdown cover for Turkey


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I am insured with Comfort who have provided a green card for Turkey however they have also noted that the RAC, through whom they provide breakdown cover, does not have an agent in Turkey thus we make our own arrangements and pay and then claim back costs (based on receipts) on return to the UK. (What is turkish for "i want a receipt?")


Now i have never had to call out breakdown insurance for my m/home and the last time i called them out when i was a caravanner was 25 years ago however murphys law says that if i have to it will be in the most inconvenient place + it will be raining!


I just wondered about the experience of the widely travelled members of this forum -


what have you done about breakdown insurance in turkey?

Can you recommend cover for turkey?

Have you broken down in Turkey and what was your experience?


In some ways i am happy to carry on but i do have a niggling doubt that i would like to put to rest.


Many thanks




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Hi peter,


Comfort RAC will cover you for European Turkey, I'm in the same position as you and I've confirmed this with Comfort. If you have a major breakdown you have the option of getting the van into European Turkey then calling the RAC.


Having spent many years touring Turkey I think you won't have a problem getting assistance if needed.


You do have another option of taking out cover with the ADAC the German outfit.


When do you plan to leave and where are you planning to go in Turkey?


Safe travelling.





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Hi Don


Thank you for that info.


We are going out with GB privelege in mid September. We went on a trip with them to Greece through the caravan club a couple of years back and had a great time in good company. We usually travell solo (had 3 months round Oz/NZ on our own so we are happy in our own company) but this is over our Ruby wedding anniversary and we both liked the idea of going with a group again + its the same tour leaders we had last time and they are great company (we bumped into them again in Ushuaia - El fin del mundo - of all places).


One of the great advantages of a group like this is if, like me, you are limited on the time you can be away; the itinerary enables the most efficient use of that time - i know my faults and i am not much of a forward planner and my holidays plans can best be described as sketchy.


Also, my thinking is that i will get to know the ropes and can go solo if we want to go back (but there are just so many other places to visit.)


The trip hits all the places i've wanted to go in turkey including Cappadocia (hot air ballooning), Ankara, and of course Istanbul. Really looking forward to the trip.





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