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2006 2.7d mercedes autotrail scout


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More information needed please.


I am not going to get into the A frame legality issue but make yourself aware of what is involved. The expensive but certain way to be legal anywhere in the EU is put it on a trailer.


The Maximum permitted train weight ( Sprinter + trailer) for the Sprinter. It can be found on the second line of the makers plate.


The unladenweight for the Golf, the early ones were well under 1000kg the latest high spec ones nearer 1500kg. Allow a bit for a tank full of fuel and the odds and bobs that accumulate. The ULW is not on the cars plate but can be found in the handbook .


Trailers have their own Max permitted weight and Unladen weight, subtract the ULW from MPW and the remainder is the weight of load it can carry.







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Nice van, beautiful chassis, 5 cylinder engine and no cam belt. Providing it does not have an automatic gearbox it should be fine. Similarly Sprintshift is equally OK for towing. Its only the full auto boxes that limit train weight.





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