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Fiat Power Steering

Grey Funnel

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Mmm, that may be best.


Try and get a 2.8JTD because they dont use much more fuel but you will find it a much more relaxing experience. The 2.8idTD is absolutely lovely as well and less complicated. Both are very reliable except for wheel bearing problems on 2002 to 2006 vans. In all cases the Maxi chassis is the one to go for if it you can find one. The ride and handling are just better with the bigger wheels (16") and heavier suspension. Steer clear of the 2.8JTD 'power' version because although 146hp looks even more tempting than 127hp it has a variable rate turbo and drinks diesel like it's going out of fashion! Quite rare but thought I should mention it.


Even if you do have any gearbox problems with these vans; it's not that expensive to sort out if you find someone that knows about them, and has done repairs on them regularly.


Happy hunting,



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