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Talbot Express Rambler Handbook


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Hi I have just bought a Talbot Rambler and I can't seem to get a handbook for it anywhere *-) Can anyone tell me where I could get one (?) Or would any of you kind people be prepared to photocopy it for me I'd quite happily pay you for it (?) (?) (?) :-( Moira
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You don't say how old your Rambler is but, as it's Talbot-based, I guess it's pre-1994.


If you don't find anyone able to provide you with a photocopy of the handbook, your best bet may well be the Auto-Sleepers Owners Club




If you select "Technical" from the ASOC Contents list on the left of the website's homepage, then select "Instruction Manuals", you'll se that the ASOC Technical Group holds a manual for a 1992 Rambler GL. You would, of course, need to join the ASOC (£20 annual subscription) to obtain the manual (on loan), but ASOC membership would provide a lot of other potential benefits.


I suspect that an early-90s A-S handbook will be a pretty sketchy publication, so, if you are new to motorcaravanning and are looking for technical background, you might be better off obtaining John Wickersham's "The Motorcaravan Manual" as that will be far more comprehensive than anything produced by A-S. JW's book is readily available on-line and many motorhome dealers also stock it.



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Also, if it's the vehicle side of things that you want (rather than the caravan/habitation equipment), then although there was never a Haynes manual for your van, there's a Peter Russek workshop manual for it available by post.....just google to find it.

Print quality of the one that I got was dire, but it's better than nothing, and certainly covers all the detailed mechanical jobs well.




Also have a look at a Talbot Express owners forum for lots of advice:






If/when you need any mechanical spares, remember that your Talbot Express is exactly the same vehicle as the Citroen C25, and Peugeot J5 vans of the same era........they were all made by the same PSA group company, and just badged differently.


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