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Euromobil 810


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I have a Euramobil 810 HS Thats the one with the end u shaped lounge. The model you are interested in has a end bed . T answer your questions. Yes they have the Isoair system but this is not air conditioning. It does work by drawing cool air from under the van through filters and discharging it through high level vents. It does work but is nothing like air con. The fan can be a bit noisey as well.

The habitation heating to which you refer I assume is from the engine heating whilst driving. and yes that works through the heat exchanger very well. In general terms the EM build quality is in my opinion second to none. One of the few things that has been a problem for some is the electric screen blind which I understand can play up if its an A class. Otherwise I think you will be pleased with thebuild and all the other extras you get on this model. Any other queries let me know.


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