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low power consumption led bulbs


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i have just purchased some replacement led bulbs for my internal lights in my motorhome. The conventional bulbs are 21watt single contact ( indicator bulbs), the control panel reads 1.2amp when one light is switched on. I replaced 9 bulbs intotal with these new led bulbs and the total reading for all 9 bulbs switched on together is only 1 amp. Brilliant , each bulb has 19 white leds, also there is a mr16 replacement bulb with 20 white leds. Now i dont have to sit in the dark ever again when running on my leisure batteries. I got them from campercare products £5.79 ea or 3 for £16.00( also got their new full colour catalogue costs £2 inc p+p refundable against first purchase. I contacted them on 01283 763666..
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