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2006 Peugeot Boxer 2.2 HDi


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Could anyone please advise me of the cooling water capacity of a Boxer 2.2 HDi as I have just experienced a cooling water hose blowing off at the header tank and now need to refill the system with the correct ratio of anti-freeze. The vehicle manual does not give the cooling water capacity. I know the obvious way is to drain the system, re-fill it measuring the water required and then go and buy the correct quantity of anti-freeze but it would be nice to be able to purchase the anti-freeze then set about the job. (?)
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According to


and a couple of other sites the cooling system capacity in 2.2 HDI in the Boxer is 11.5 litres.


Unless the system has been drained and allowed to dry out its rare to need quite so much.

Getting rid of airlocks can be fun. I do not know the specific requirements for the Boxer.


I always use the makers own brand as they know (or should do) exactly what materials are used in the system.


Other brands may be as at least as good but how do you know.



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