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A bit of a drip


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Since returning from our recent jaunt, I've noticed a damp patch on the concrete drive, under the van.

On investigating, I can see that the water is coming from where the feeder pipe enters the freshwater tank. It would appear that this is an old problem as it looks as is if a previous owner (or dealer?) had tried repairing it before, as what looks like resin (araldite?) has been applied around the connection.

I think the leak must really be a slight fracture on the spigot / inlet (correct term?) on the tank itself.

Rather than having to buy a new tank, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever achieved success with those products usually advertised in the brochures inserted with magazines.

I'm sure you know the ones, full of "essential household items" that no-one really needs.

The one I'm thinking of is the paint on product, guaranteed to stop all leaks, that can even be applied to wet surfaces.

I've got a feeling I know what your answers will be, but am holding out hope anyway, as I can't stop my house gutter from leaking either. :-S

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If you can work in the area and there is a sufficiently flat surface on your tank you could also drill out the inlet altogether and replace it with a 'nut in tank' version readily available from CAK and others. Though not the most beautifully engineered solution it would be easy and only cost a couple of pounds. 
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We had exactly this problem with a new Nuevo in 04 only it was a lot more than a drip of water. As it was a warranty job it went back to the dealer and I can vaguely remember him saying that the outlet was some kind of interference fit with a sealing washer of some kind. Either way it didn't take long to fix, so they couldn't have taken the tank out , and it didn't leak again. I would ask AS technical people how it is fixed and if they can repair it.
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Thanks for the suggestion folks.

As it stands, it really is only a bit of a drip and not draining the tank or anything like that.

It's certainly not worth the trouble of removing the tank, (just yet anyway *-) ).


I'm pretty sure there must be a slight fracture under the repair and as it's very close to the base and side walls of the tank, I don't imagine it would be repairable.


I really would like to know if anyone has used the "all purpose leak repair" as mentioned in my OP,

as it would come in handy for a few other projects if it does indeed work.



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Hi. I know I keep mentioning this product, but it does work well as a sealant and addhesive, sticks virtually to anything, except silicon rubber. "Ever Build Stixall " (white).

If you can get to the joint, remove the old repair material if possible, particularly if it is silicon rubber, spread a good thick layer of Stixall around the joint, leave for 24 hours. That sould do it, even if its only as a temporary repair.

Brian B.

ps empty the water out first.

I have repaired a hole in a plastic water container with this, and it worked.

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