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Turbo Charging Transit

Grey Funnel

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You could try the man who is the subject of this previous thread as he was one of the senior employees of TB and sujests he is able to carry out any of the work that TB did, see




Hope that helps.




P.S We had our 2.5 Boxer converted by TB and it has performed without fault for around ten years now with only routine maintenance, so our experience of conversions and all the talk of problems converting or putting additional strain on the engine is in our view unfounded.


PPS Incidently the chap in question was the engineer that carried out our conversion.

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Hi Basil

Before my posting I did a Google search for TB Turbos as I used them six years ago and found the info on Mark, rang him and it was not something he would take on. Have done another Google search and came up with "Just Answer" told that it wasn't a Goer and best bet would be a complete engine change!!!

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