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EBL 99 on Hymer 522


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My hymer 522 has a Schaudt EBL 99 and solar regulator LRS 1218 plugged into "Block 6" connector.


The solar charging of the habitation batteries works well, but it apears I was being optomistic when I assumed that the LRS 1218 solar regulator was charging the starter battery as well.


Am I correct in thinking that the LRS 1218 will charge both habitation and starter batteries? If so, how can I check if connection to the starter battery is already made? If it is not conncted how do I connect the starter battery to the LRS 1218 ?


All my manuals are in German and the few English intructions I have found are not very clear on this point.


Yes, I know I can fit a seperate split charger or make a switched fused direct connection, but it would be much better to use the existing facility if it exists.



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I think this particular document will give you most of the info you need:




(though not a specific answer for the ebl99).


....also this from "facts" which may give you a better idea of what the "standard" wiring between the two should be.



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