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The boy David gets it at last.


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All he need to do is to get rid of all the Guardianistas at the BBC – because the BBC is the main source of negativity.



"Cameron: UK should emulate China

Investment Week 06 Oct 2011 | 08:31

Natalie Kenway

Categories: Economics / Markets | UK | Emerging Markets

Topics: David cameron | China | India | Uk


Prime minister David Cameron has appealed for Britain to emulate the optimism seen in emerging economies such as China and India instead of being overwhelmed by the onslaught of negative data.

At the Conservative party conference yesterday, the PM warned the economic crisis could be "as serious as it was in 2008" but still tried to instill a positive message into his speech.


The FT reported he urged Britain to emulate the "energy, hunger and drive" of China, India and Nigeria, after warning the nation was in danger of being overwhelmed by consistently weak economic figures, particularly for the consumer.


Yesterday the Office for National Statistics revealed UK economic growth for the second quarter of 2011 was 0.1%, lower than the previous estimate of 0.2%.


It means the UK has not grown for nine months, while China continues to grow at breakneck speed, with GDP soaring 9.5% in Q2 alone."


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Guest pelmetman
I wonder where the next 75 billion of QE will go?........Mr King has already said he doesn't give a tinkers cuss for small businesses8-)......which seems strange as they are the biggest employer in the country*-) 
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