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glow plug warning light


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HI I have a 2007 2.3 fiat ducato 23000 miles and this week the glow plug warning light and computer message has come on whem starting from cold. If I switch off and start again there is no problem,it does not happen when the engine is hot, the van seems to be driving fine. Does anybody have any ideas as to the possible cause and/or rectification?


Thanks Tim

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The Glow Plugs only operate to start a cold engine, that is why you don't have a problem if the engine is warm, you will probably not be able to start the engine later if you don't get the problem investigated, I saw a van taken away on a low loader in Portugal because it wouldn't start, it was brought back to the beach where we were Wildcamping 5 hours later and had new Glow Plugs fitted, problem solved.
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tugga - 2011-10-17 10:52 AM


yes there is a very high chance that your glow plugs have failed, even this soon - 4 years. Before you have a real problem, and with winter coming, you need to get them replaced.

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Hi Malc thanks, would the glow plugs need changing so soon?






Posted: 17 October 2011 10:52 AM

Subject: RE: glow plug warning light



Well as I said sleepy Van Syndrome, my Hymer .reg 2003 has done 73000, miles and is running as sweet as a nut,so use it or loose it.

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A decade ago, I bought a new Merc and over the next couple of years, the glow plugs had to be replaced at service time all too often, and they weren't cheap. I complained about it and was told they were considered a consumable item, so they weren't covered under the usual three year warranty.


But here's the grey area in terms of a warranty claim or 'get lost, matey'. When I said the cost of glow plug replacement was way above your average oil or air filter, Mercedes backtracked somewhat and replaced the next lot at no cost. It made me think it looked like a nice little earner at service time, but I still never fathomed why these things failed so often during the first few years.


Looking back over 11 years of ownership, I've had no more glow plugs fail, but I recall at the time of seemingly perpetual failure in the early years, the car never had any trouble starting even in the depths of winter, despite the absence of one or more glow plugs.



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As one of the universes worst "mechanics" I can only say..its all relative..

Glow plugs on my Renault Espace.. M reg 17 years old 215,000 miles..still going strong.

Wife's much newer vehicle..on its 3rd set.

Timing belt still the same one on the espace..cost more than the vehicle is worth to replace..so I never will.

When it comes to things mechanical..wife's Clio on its second belt.

New cars break down..old ones go on for ever..I wont but..hey who knows!!

Hope you solve the problem..it doesn't cost too much..and your next trip is a belter


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Hello Folks,


Sorry for the delay in looking at this; been away for a few days!


The glow plug warning message on 2.3 engined X250 vans does not normally indicate a problem with the glow plugs!


There is a very common fault with chaffed wires in the loom under the nearside headlamp. This causes an undesirable earth which the computer assumes is a faulty glow plug. It will take an hour or so for a competent auto electrician to find and repair.



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