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Remember "Give us a Clue"? I need help


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Doing a theme of Game Shows for new year party.


This is one of them, do I remember rightly that every now and then they had flip boards with huge papers on them that they had to draw the clue rather than mime it or was that another show.


I have a feeling that is where the game Pictionary came from but could be wrong.




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Thanks to all, I found Win loose or Draw as a game too but just thought they had done the drawing bit on odd programmes not all the time. Maybe I was wrong but hey ho I am going to put a section in my game. I found some cheap white boards yesterday so going to have 4 teams competing against each other, will stop then using too much paper .


You need to start swotting on your Mr & Mrs knowledge as well Carol, hope you are both coming to the New Year meet again this year, will not be the same without you.


Mandy :-D

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