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Industrial Action by Sea France employees


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I don't think anyone should panic - at least about the industrial action.

Last time we got caught by that, they offerde us the choice of Norfolkline (as was) or Eurotunnel, at no extra cost.


Your comment about solvency was more worrying - I've not seen anything on UK sites recently about that. Are you just commenting on their troubled history, or are there credible whispers over on your side fo the water?

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We used to use Sea France. It was preferred by 'im in doors. I used to make the bookings online and would get regular e-mails from them as well as offers from the Privilege Club of theirs.


With everything that happened in the last year I've only just noticed that the e-mails and offers have dried up. Now I know why.


Can't believe that the company will disappear leaving P&O with the monopoly, I'm sure there will some EU rule against it but whether anyone else can make a go of it given the economic climate I don't know. Brittany recently withdraw the Poole-Cherbourg again, due to lack of interest/profit.


Next week should be interesting.

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Really great thinking, SF needs 100m euro just to survive and the workers going out on strike. That kind of thinking should save their job's eh! 8-)


Might be a good idea to book now with P&O, for next year. If SF does go watch the fares go up quick unless someone takes SF over.



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David Dwight - 2011-10-21 8:20 PM


This is an old chestnut that come around at this time of the year, virtually every year. I still get e-mails and offers from them had one yesterday.






Our offer came a week or so ago and had to be taken up by 31st October.


Speculation often causes rumour.....often causes panic.


We will have to wait and see what transpires.


Why speculate and worry about something that may not happen?


If folks want to make their bookings with P&O, Sea France, the Chunnel or some other carrier ....fine.

If others want to wait ....again fine.


We all have to make our own decisions, according to our own thoughts.



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November MMM p140 - memebers club offers 10% discounts on SeaFrance.....! (only 5% on P&O!)


When we were in Calais 2 weeks ago awaiting boarding the P&O departure to Dover, I noticed one of the Seafrance Ferries was there alongside, with abosultely no action, not even the engines running - normally they only stay there long enough to load/unload, but that one was clearly going nowhere, and I did wonder whether they have already reduced the service schedules?


Earlier in the year (July?) there was some onfo on the news that DFDS and LD lines were trying to put something together to take it over, but havent seen or heard anything further.


There does seem to be an over-capacity on the route though, as when we returned that morning, even P&O was very sparsely populated with vehicles and passengers, even though it was the cheapest sailing of the day - not as if it was unsocial timing either, this was 08.50.....

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