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Heater for fresh water tank

dick GCT

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Other forum subscribers opinions sought please! I have on order a Vantage Neo and amongst other "extras" am considering having a heater fitted to the fresh water tank. Might seem a daft question but am seeking pros/cons in having one fitted. Cost £150 ,winter touring would be fairly limited but look upon it as a safeguard I suppose! Have I answered my own question or are there factors I am overlooking?

N.B. both fresh/waste tanks are underslung and insulated. Thanks in advance for opinions!

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Guest 1footinthegrave
In my experience it will not be the tank freezing up that will create the problem, more likely the plumbing running to or from it as the pipework has a smaller volume of water that will freeze first, and that could happen in the van itself depending on how the pipework is routed. I'd say save your money, if the conditions are so severe to warrant it most folk and us rely on a hand held water container kept in the van., simple and effective.
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Hi dick ... welcome to the mad house! :->


£150 seems a heck of a lot of money for what, in essence, is a fish tank heater!!!! I'd be more concerned about the effect on the safety of the water ... ie encouraging bugs to develop etc.


The waste tank you can get around by leaving the drain tap open and having a bucket underneath (remember to empty it each day before you end up with a large icecube!), and if there was the possibility of it being cold enough to cause your fresh water tank to freeze, I wouldn't recommend putting water in it in the first place as the unheated parts, such as pipes and even taps, could be damaged instead as they wouldn't be heated.


If you are likely to be on sites with electric hook up and toilet blocks etc, I suggest using a water bottle instead as has been suggested.

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Many thanks for the replies. Some really good advice given which I will act on. Will save my money and leave tank empty and carry water as needed in container(s). Thanks to all once again.

Assuming we have our PVC before then, the CC site at Southport is our first venture over first weekend in December!

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It's needs dependant isn't it?


Will you camp when the forecast is to freeze? No? Keep your dosh then.


Will you use your own facilities? No? Keep your dosh then.


Not sure yet? Well read on then.


It's something I wish we'd had fitted at the time of purchase, or thought of more likely. Some more things to consider.


Waste tank, yes leaving it open permanently, fine it's what we do 52 weeks a year - but it (ours) still freezes now and then as the pipes down to the free standing tank aren't lagged. So that's not a solution in every situation. I know, I camp all year. Perhaps some vans will drain regardless of temp, but I doubt it.


Using a container - again fine, we do that when we have to but I'm young and fit enough to carry and hold X number of litres of water to fill the tank - you, with respect, may not be.


Unless you want to become one of what I call the "Kettle Brigade", you'll see 'em onsite making 10 (and more) journeys with a kettle from the tap and no I'm not joking. Still, it suits some...


If you can get the pipes to the fresh (and waste) water tank lagged properly I'd spend the money - no hesitation particularly if you're like us and use your own facilities even when on site.


Enjoy Southport, do you now it? Well it's a crap site for water, (I'm a regular there), you need to try to pitch near the main block (not much chance) or facing the MH service point, otherwise you're nowhere near water. Probably too cold in Dec. but the cycling is lovely round Birkdale, get the bus and gawp at the local Trillionaires


The "bottom" side of the site, (only one tap) closes down in winter unless they're keeping it open now and someone can put me right?


Just my thoughts for the mix, happy camping.






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