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Dometic 7655 L Fridge.


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Hello everyone. As normai when I have a Motorhome problem, I find that someone always has a positive reply, so here we go once again,.


I have noticed over the last few days that the inside of the fridge has water droplets forming on the inside of the fridge. I have tried different temperature settings but to no avail?


Previously I have had no problem , and always run the fridge on Gas, as we are rarely on hook-up.


Any feedback please.

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Assuming that you haven't changed the way you've been using your fridge, I'd guess that it's no longer cooling adequately. Try putting a thermometer in the fridge to check what the internal temperature actually is.


Check too that the condenser (ie. the aluminium vaned thing at the top-rear of the fridge's interior) isn't iced up and that the drain-outlet in the shelf below the condenser isn't blocked (ie. that water isn't 'standing' in the shelf).


I'd also try running the thing on 230V to see if that makes any difference.

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