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Using Mobile Phone in Motorhome?


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If you want to use the phone while the vehicle is running, I'd suggest the base vehicle manual would be more appropriate than the Trigano one. However, I thought all vehicles now integrate facilities for phone use via a hands-free mount of some sort, with radio interface, so can't see why there should be any problems.


Use while static (engine off) should present no problems at all to the base vehicle, as it's electronics should mostly have gone to sleep. It can only be whatever electronics Trigano have installed, if any, that might be upset by a 'phone signal but, since so many folk now use mobiles when they go away, I find it difficult to believe Trigano could have selected anything susceptible to phone interference.


Ours is Transit based, but there is no warning of any kind about phone use - other than the usual "do not do this while driving" stuff. We have used mobiles while in the van, both moving (Passenger! :-)) and static, and I have not been aware of any change or problem to anything of any sort while doing so.


However, as your the van is by Trigano, and they give the warning, it would surely be wisest to ask them what they are on about?

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If the internal workings of the motorhome are compromised by the use of a modern mobile telephone then the electrical instalation of the motorhome and/or its equipment is unlikely to satisfy the requesite parts of the EU EMC directive.


If however it means while driving then you are a dangerous plonker to try this.


EN ISO 14982


Equipment in caravans and motor homes


Equipment that is intended for vehicles and operates when the vehicle is in use should comply with the automotive directive (95/54/EC). Equipment which is powered independently from the vehicle supply and which can only be used when the vehicle is parked should comply with 89/336/EEC.




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Clementine - 2011-11-05 1:05 PM


Our Manual again!!

It says not to use a Mobile Phone in your Motorhome as it could interfere with the electronics.


How true is this?

Thanks for your advice.

Utter Nonsense, chuck that Manual in the bin, Do not use your phone whilst driving of course, even hands free are a distraction.IMO.
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