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rollerteam granduda 255p 2004


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The simplistic answer is via a UK dealership for the brand. See:




However, getting certain spares for the conversion part of a 2004-vintage motorhome may well prove impossible (in fact, it may well prove impossible for much younger vehicles than that!)


Regarding rear-lights and lenses, products from Hella and Jokon are often used. There are examples on:




If you can identify the light's maker, you may be able to find a match.


Replacing plastic skirts is likely to be a challenge and, unless the skirt is damaged absolutely beyond repair, you might be better trying to get it repaired rather than spend time trying to source a direct replacement. I suspect that your motorhome's skirts are made of ABS plastic which can be successfully repaired nowadays (though it's trickier to repair than GRP). If all else fails, it might be practicable (but expensive) to have replacement skirts made from GRP by a specialist company.



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