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Non-skid mats / Grip mats

Mel B

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they look really good, and not too expensive at £10.00 a pair either, like others I always carry a set of 4 'cut-down' bread trays, but they are a bit 'Square' and take up a fair bit of space in the back box.

So, next time the betterware lady calls around, she will be onto a sale !

;-) Ray

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But as Mel says probably not much good for a MH as they are only 6" wide and 21 1/2 " long. They would literally disappear under many MH wheels.


And the ones from Screwfix are only fractionally larger but, as Colin says, are rated for 3.5T. Although I assume that will be Max vehicle weight and not axle weight :'(



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There are plenty of alternative products on the market, including these:








For the average motorhome I think one would be better off with a 'solid' one-piece grip-mat rather than a two-piece perforated version.


I'd probably opt for the Milenco product as it's cheap enough and (if it's manufactured to the quality of my Milenco levelling-blocks) will be pretty sturdy. (See review on link above)


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Depends what you want the product to do...


"Grip Track" is marketed as a means to allow a vehicle to gain traction when it has initiially proven impossible to move off a slippery surface. It's not cheap and there have been negative as well as positive comments regarding its effectiveness.




"Grip King" (pepe63 beat me to it!) seems to be similar in principle.




The other products mentioned above are cheaper (or even free if one can source redundant bread trays), but they are really intended for prevention not cure.


An earlier forum thread that has some relevance:



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