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Solar panels on the house 12th Dec deadline !!


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art338 - 2011-11-09 2:46 PM


In our garden centre today was a solar panel salesman, suggesting to buy before the 12th Dec as the tariff is being reduced from 43p to 21p.




But I believe they have to be installed and commissioned before this date to qualify for the higehr rate.


A friend has paid a deposit for a system but is not expecting it to be installed in time. This means he will now not make the mega bucks he was expecting and in reality the system is not viable on cost grounds. He's asked the company for his deposit back but isn't holding out much hope.



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The title did say most of it. If you install these things you can sell the electricity generated back to the Grid at a higher rate than the electricty generators normally sell power from normal supplies such as coal and gas. These costs are then passed on to everybody else in higher bills. So the solar panel chappie makes money while everybody else pays more. Simples as they say.


The downside is that an installation costs about £20 grand plus you need an inverter at an extra grand or so. Using the exisitng system you are likely to pay your costs after about 10 years, under the new system it will, be 15 years or more.


You can also not actually pay for them but rent them from the solar panel Company, over a 25 years period, with if you are not careful, no get out clauses.


The kickers are that you must inform your mortgage holder and get permission. The other kicker is you may not be able to sell your property until the 25 years is up, or transfer it to the new owner, if they will accept.

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Guest pelmetman
I wonder why the government pulled out of the scheme8-).........maybe because they thought about the long term scenario where us oikes would be independent of the power companies........and how would they charge us TAX*-)  
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