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MMM December 2011 issue

Lucie Cranfield

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To all MMM subscribers,


I am delighted to let you know that subscriber copies of the December issue of MMM have been collected from us this morning by Royal Mail.


Your copy should be delivered on Monday 14th/Tuesday 15th November, well before the on-sale date of Thursday 17th November.


We hope you enjoy reading it!


Lucie :-D

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Really looking forward to next issue as MMM is, in our opinion, now much better since the change of editor.

The November, Foreign Adventures Special, issue was particularly good, with a special mention deserved for the well written article by Catherine Warrington, detailing her European travels. The only downside was the poor advice given by Andy Stothert in his article Ready, Steady, Go! Some examples. The idea that using the very expensive and low capacity Camping Gaz cylinders is best for European touring. The suggestion that a peg down awning/sunshade, as pictured in the article, would be approprite for use on an aire. The general lack of knowledge shown about the internet and wi-fi, in particular the suggestion that streaming live T.V. through a dongle could be considered a sensible option, or that most free wi-fi is unreliable (Sending this from a free wi-fi connection on an aire!). Clearly more research was needed if this article was to prove of value, particularly for first time travellers. But this article apart a really good read.

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