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Question for the pc savvy amongst us


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I'm reasonably PC clued up, (ha!), but, here goes, every time I click on "new threads" I'm directed back to "you are logged on as a guest"


No changes have been made, I've no problems with any other site, can anyone shed any light and/or is someone experiencing the same issue?


Many thanks as ever in advance for any advice??



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I can get similar symptoms by logging off, and then (in)judiciously using the "back" facility such that it shows a page with me still logged on, but if I click on "new threads" it will show me as guest.


I suspect it may be a symptom of page cacheing somewhere.


(You may not actually have logged off, but been "forced" out by a cookie expiring somewhere), but if you use the "back" facility in any way, I would suspect that.


If it persists, I would suggest you use the facility to clear cookies at the bottom of the forum home page, and then logon again.

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