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OV2 file to add to my TOM TOM do i conect my GPS to--


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:-D I have a new gps :-D A tom tom this time 8-) I think its miles better than any garmin ive tried *-)


Now i have to enter all my pois for supermarkets shopping & any other usful items i find :-D The Garmin dose have fuel stops supermarkets and usful shops pre instaled which is quite useful 8-)


Ive just downloaded my very first tom tom ov2 file from icamping in France i have it on my laptop now *-)


When i get back to my campingvan can i just plug my GPS (tom tom) into this laptop and ask it to add the file?? *-)


Im asking as you might have good advice (?)


Snow forcast???? Its brilliant sun now can it be possiable?? tommorow ill be in Lyon where the snow wont reach,i hope 8-)

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This is what I do, others may differ.


Plug tomtom into your laptop that contains the poi files.


Tom will ask if you wont to connect to the computer ? yes you do .


Then open windows explorer

Click on all programs, accessories, then windows explorer!

You should now see Tomtom as an external drive

By clicking on you will see all the files on your Tom

In the map folder, mines Western Europe, drop the downloaded pois into their.


Or for a better explanation




best of luck roy




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And don't forget the icon (.bmp) file with the same name as the POI file.

Just gone over to garmin and hopelessly lossed. It doesn't seem capable of organising added ("extras") POIs into groups - they all appear together even if you place them in their own directories/folders.

Seriously thinking of going back to my old TomTom.

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Depends which Tom Tom you have

It appears all the current models only have internal storage rather than a SD Card.

So you may be severely limited to the amount of additional POI's you can add before the internal storage is full.

Put me off replacing current Sat Nav with a new Tom Tom.

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