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teflon2 - 2012-01-18 7:49 PM


Wikpedia shut down English language pages in protest at U.S. legislation that is likely to affect the freedom of information on the internet. The bill in question seems to be powered by the entertainment lobbys. John *-)



It's all about stopping people from nicking films / music etc, but I've no doubt there are a lot of governments who would love to control the internet.




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Guest Tracker

Under communism everyone was equal except for those party members who were close to the top and were more equal than other party members who in turn were more equal than non party members.


Under democracy, especially the US version, everyone has the same freedoms except some with loadsa money, vested interests, a high profile in political circles and a generous politcal budget who are much more free than others with no money and the less money you have the less freedom you have wherever you live.


Nothing changes!

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