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Town or City centre campsites


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DT1 - 2012-01-21 3:14 PM


Please can you recommend town centre campsites or sites that have good public transport access and are close to towns/cities. Thanks.




Hi DT1 and welcome.


You really do need to be a bit more explicit with this lot on here !


Are you talking U.K. or the continent ?


Or both ?





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Thanks for the advice. To be more precise I was looking for ideas across the Midlands and Northern England. We've previously found a number of good sites across Europe but not found (or looked for though) any in the UK. This year we're planning to have a few long weekend town centre breaks in the UK (but i don't want the hassle of having to find parking spaces after we've settled on the site etc)
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York Caravan Club site. However, it is a bit "hunt-the-thimble". Are you really saying you will only visit places with campsites nearby? Are you prepared to take public transport to get in? Or do you have certain places you wish to visit? If you say where you actually want to go, I think you'll be surprised what folk come up with. Otherwise, its a bit like shooting blindfold - what you hit is purely a matter of chance.
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Burrs Country Park, Caravan Club site, twenty-five minute walk into Bury.

Wolverley, Camping and Caravanning Club site, 25/30 minute walk into Kidderminster along canal.

Salisbury (not Midland or North) Camping and Caravanning Club site, twenty minute walk into city along river.

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There is a campsite within 1/2 mile of Lichfield city centre.

Think it is called Cathedral grange (should be easy to Google).

It is not tied to either of the Clubs so membership isn't a problem, and they have space to take RV's if you have a big bus.

Any use?


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As already suggested York CC site is in a great place but is closed for renovations at the moment. Bristol CC site is good for a couple of days, within walking distance of SS Great Britain, Avon Gorge and the town. Cardiff have a municipal site a few minutes from the centre in Sofia Gardens. Edinburgh CC site has a bus to centre of town.
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Guest 1footinthegrave
Wythall, Birmingham. may mean a taxi up to the Maypole though to catch West Midlands buses, CC site if memory serves.
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Welcome, DT!


As one of the resident cheapskates on here, I noticed last year that one of the car parks in Alnwick (it doesn't get much more "northern England" than that!) has 5 spaces dedicated for motorhomes. We'd already booked into a CS, so didn't try overnighting, but none of the signs actually forbid it.


The open-top tour bus stops right by the car park, and the castle and gardens are just round the corner (as is the town centre).

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Welcome from me too and support for the Bath Marine site - very close to the buses into the city at very regular intervals. In my experience Bristol is very difficult to book as it is usually full. In the West Midlands there are both CC and C&CC sites next to one another at Hanley Swan. Buses stop just outside (about every half-hour) and allow visits to Worcester, Malvern and Upton-on-Severn. With changes you can get to Tewkesbury, Ledbury and Hereford as well as further afield. For some reason one of the clubs lists their site under the Cotswolds which is not correct.


Just remembered there is a good one just outside Shrewsbury right by the bus terminus. Think this is a private site, expensive but good.

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Camper UK Leisure site for Lincoln




Ferry Meadows Caravan Club site for Peterborough.

(walk or Nene Valley Railway)


Thorntons Holt for Nottingham (3.5 miles public transport)



Weir Meadows for Evesham (2 minutes walk over bridge to town centre)


Mill House Caravan & Camp Site - for Worcester (3 miles)

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My favourite campsite is the CC site at Totnes - deepest Devon I know - but one of the most picturesque and interesting towns in the country. Just over the bridge from the site. Only problem, no hookups and dated toilets, because the local council who own the site may want to sell it for housing at some time. Get there whilst you can - or if anyone has influence with South Hams district council, try to persuade them that this is a valuable tourist asset, which brings money to the local economy. Not least, from us, Seven Stars pub - fantastic food!
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As well as checking out the CC & CCC websites, which will indicate not only how far they are from the nearest town but also whether public transport is available (and don't forget to check out the CL's/CS's), you should also consider going on to the Tourist Information sites for areas you are interested in (UK & Europe), they have a tab on the website for "Accommodation" where they obviously list Hotels, B&B's etc but also Campsites. Sometimes just use Google and type in campsite near ........... ?, this can throw up some good suggestions


I have a large twin axle Motorhome, far too large to take off site for day jaunts once at a location. We have always managed either by Walking/Cycling or using Public Transport whether in this country or Europe. :-)

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If you are in Caravan Club

Bristol, Baltic Wharf...

easy walk to city centre, or bus, or water taxi, excleent, but always diffifuclt to get in!

Birmingham, Wythall,

occasional bus outside site , but more buses by walking about 20 mins to roundabout nearby and catching a different route.

London ,Abbey Wood,

good train service to Charing Cross,

or Crystal Palace,

bus no 3 outside site to Oxford street and west end.

Bath, Marina

near P&R, or walk along river/cana inot City Centre

I'm sure there are many others, We tend to look through Tourist Office websites, and they will tell you what sites are nearby, and usually website details, and you can then e-mail the sites to ask about location/public transport, or of course do your own research in the internet. I very often print out bus/train timetables before leaving home, and also research fares, and it is sometimes better value to get a weekly 'rover' ticket or similar.


Hope this is of some help.


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The "Racecourse" Caravan sites are usually in walking distance to their town & many are affiliated to the Caravan Club. Also each usually have bus service to larger towns / cities nearby.


e.g. Warwick = 6minute walk to town & bus/train links to Coventry, Leamington, Stratford, etc..




Great Yarmouth



Market Rasen






Cartmel (Cumbria)


There may be others.

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