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how can i get the fanbelt size i need??


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8-) I need a fan belt that is smaller than 1130mm i found this site by putting in the part number on the fanbelt i have



It lists the one on as 1130mm the spare 1130mm and the box it came in also 1130mm


I have 77 00 694 741,77 00 696 825 & 77 00 720 582 all it seems the same size


To order one they order for the engine not the real situation,my camping car and i are about the same age so i think its a disgrace that its considered OLD


How can i find a referance that would find me a fan belt say 1125mm??How do i know if it will fit?How much smaller do i need the fan belt to be that it will fit and not slip





:-S Adjustment there is but adiquate how many mm it represents i cant know :'(

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