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Ripped the gas storage door off--where to get it sorted?


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I only seem to find the time to get on here when problems occur!!


I have managed to rip my gas storage door off as I drove out the drive and it wasn't shut and the wind blew it against a post.


the door itself is a bit bent but maybe usable, but the frame that the door fits in is all bent and needs replacing.


Would i be better off calling Swift or maybe a  body repair place ??

Any help appreciated.




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Jeez, you're determined to wreck that thing, aren't you! :-S


I think Swift only tend to deal through dealers/repairers anyway.


If you want an estimate without going too far out of your way, you might want to try:




who are less than 10 miles away from you.


I can't vouch for them personally, but I have both visited them and heard good things - I suspect it won't be cheap though.


Good luck!

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You may be better off finding a boatyard that specialise in fibreglass repairs. It may be possible to make a mould from the damaged item and make a replacement door. They may even be able to repair/replace the frame.

I know that theres a firm that does just this with shower trays. Have a google!

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As far as I know these doors are standard parts.

There are loads on e.bay

And also here. http://www.leisureshopdirect.com/Caravan/caravan_accessories/Doors_and_frames.aspx

And here. http://www.rainbowconversions.co.uk/Equipment/Locker_Doors/lockerdoors.htm

And here. http://www.dometic.com/enie/International/Site/Caravan/Doors/


Add nauseum. Theres loads on the web. Just google motorhome locker doors.

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As has been said before, I think O'Leary's will be your best bet as they buy up the unused stock from the factory I believe.


Failing that - it looks like you might be able to turn the door upside down and fit the skirt over the damaged part (after suitably repairing/protecting it) - at least as a temporary measure.

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