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Something I did not know, like a lot of other things. This year will mark the end of production of the Lada car. Remember them? The Fiat 124 lookalike that smoked its way on our streets for quite a few years. The last I remember of them was many being bought by Russians who were driving them back to the newly emergent Russia to sell for spares or even as roadworthy vehicles. It seems that even after they disappeared from our roads in 1997 they were still being made and shipped to Cuba, the Caribbean and Egypt. So it has been made and sold for 40 years with a total production of over 40 million cars. British Leyland should possibly have made that instead of the Marina and the Allegro.


Although I never owned one I did drive a Fiat 124 in North Africa in 1977 and it was a tough little car. When I worked in one of the ex Soviet Republics in early 2000 there were plenty on the roads and even the Police had them.


Even Clarkson cannot match that record.


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Once saw a news clip about serious flooding somewhere on the cintinent and there was a street full os sunken parked cars.

As they filmed the flood water rushing by along came a Lada floating hapily by.


That meant that our "Better" cars all sunk because they let in water but the Lada was water tight and floated.


I once owned one and they were as tough as a sherman tank and just about as heavy

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