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Spare wheel assembly


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Just had the vehicle service carried out on my Bessacar E460


I was aware of the report in MMM that there has been a recall on the spare wheel assembly on certain Fiat/ Peugot base vehicles. There is a possible danger that the spare wheel may become loose and fall out of the cage assembly when the vehicle is moving.


I was a bit concerned in that although I have a spare wheel fitted ( it seems that not all motorhomes sold have them) mine does not look like the cage arrangement shown in the hand book. However the garage confirmed that my vehicle is one of those involved in the recall and that they have ordered up the new cage assemble and will let me know a date to return and have it fitted.


All good stuff - except - how come I was not advised of the recall by either Fiat vehicles or the Swift Group

( Bessacar)

Both of whom have acknowleded to me the receipt of change of ownership details having purchased it through a dealer who supplied the origional owner who purchased the vehicle from them new?


If I was not a reader of MMM and didn't use an IVECO garage I probably would never have found out about this.

It has been said before, it is almost as though once they have your money they are no longer interested in customer service.

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